Energy Vent B-Vent (3" - 8")

Usage: For venting gas fired or propane appliances approved with B-Vent and producing flue gas temperatures not in excess of 470 F (245C).
Sizes: Model BV, Small Diameter = 3" to 8"
Clearance to Combustibles: 1"
Listing: Tested by U.L.C. to standard S605 and U.L.I. 441
- Case - Galvalume™ AZ150
- Liner - Aluminum 1100 - H14 or 3003 - H14 or 3105 - H14 (Thickness varies depending on size).
Features and Benefits:
- Wide range of sizes to handle any application.
- Sturdy fit of collars for easy assembly.
- Twist lock collars - easy to take apart for service and inspection.
- Four piece elbow twists for easy offsets.
- Support Assembly flange attached to plate.
- Listed for exterior application when enclosed by a chase.
- Eliminates need to stock additional "insulated" B-Vent.
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