Model SPV Pellet Pipe

Usage:For venting pellet burning stoves approved for use with PL-Vent. The appliance's flue gases must not exceed 570 F (298.80 C).

Sizes:3" & 4" Diameter
Case - GalvalumeT AZ 150
Liner - Type 304 - Stainless Steel
Collar - Aluminized
Listing: Listed to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441 and UL 641
Features and Benefits:
- 1" clearance to combustibles
- Sturdy collars for snug fit.
- Approved with 45 elbow termination and collar with screen.
- 45 Degree, or 90 Degree elbows are crimped for improved air tightness.
- Higher grade Stainless liner for improved resistance to corrosion.
- Collars and joints sealed internally with high temperature sealer.
- Ceramic fibre gasket seal at each joint.