Wood Pellet

Direct-Temp / Pellet is a revolutionary, high performance venting system. This one-of-a-kind system is two vents in one. The Stainless Steel Inner Pipe vents exhaust gases while the outer pipe supplies fresh outside air into the stove. Direct-Temp /Pellet is ideal for both sidewall and through-the-roof venting solutions and is available in 4”/6-5/8” diameter. And because DT/Pellet uses the same lengths as DT/Gas, inventory requirements are reduced.
Direct-Temp / Pellet features Selkirk’s proprietary siliconized fiberglass seal which adds an extra layer of protection to prevent joint leakage of any fly ash and combustion products. Other features include chamfered edges to allow an easy slide-together assembly, the exclusive LockTab design which securely locks sections of pipe together, and heavy duty centering brackets to keep the inner pipe centered. 1” clearance to combustibles. Smart Choice Lifetime Warranty.